A Science of Human Nature?

Time and Location

26-27 June, 2014, University of Cambridge


Thursday 26 June

09:00: Registration

10:00: Welcome

10:10: Antonine Nicoglou, IHPST, Paris 1, "Plasticity: ‘Beyond’ or ‘Between’ Nature and Nurture?"
→Comment: Frédéric Bouchard, Université de Montréal

11:00: Coffee break

11:20: Ronald De Sousa, IHPST, Toronto, "Nature's Purposes and Mine"
→Comment: Christopher Clarke, HPS, University of Cambridge

11:20: Laurent Jodoin, Université de Montréal "The Tool Works at Both Ends? Formal Analogies in Population Genetics"
→Comment: Philippe Huneman, IHPST, Paris 1

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Andrew Buskell, HPS, University of Cambridge,"Extending Cultural Evolution"
→Comment: Cory Lewis, IHPST, Toronto

14:50: Thiago Hutter, Université de Montréal, "Dupré and O’Malley on Biofilms: A Mereological Approach for the Theorization of Biological Individuality"
→Comment: Reuben Shiels, HPS, University of Cambridge

15:40: Tea break

16:00: Keynote speaker, Nick Shea, "How Innateness Inferences Go Wrong in a Cultural Species"

17:15: End

19:00: Conference Dinner, Clare College

Friday 27 June

09:30: Antoine C. Dussault & Anne-Marie Gagné-Julien, Université de Montréal,"Health, Homeostasis, and the Situation-Specificity of Normality"
→Comment: Marion Godman, HPS, University of Cambridge

10:20: Carlos Mariscal, Duke University, "Evolution Reduces to Logic, Not Physics"
→Comment: Denis Walsh, IHPST, Toronto

11:10: Coffee break

11:30: Hugo Viciana, IHPST, Paris 1, "From Human Culture to Animal Culture"
→Comment: Riana Betzler, HPS, University of Cambridge

12:20: Adrian Boutel, IHPST, Paris 1, "Cultural Explanations"
→Comment: Mirco Plante, Université de Montréal

13:10: Lunch

14:00: Ghyslain Bolduc, Université de Montréal, "What Does a Preformationist Theory of Development in the Postgenomic Age Look Like?"
→Comment: Paul Thompson, IHPST, Toronto

14:50: Alex Djedovic, "The Ecology Gap: A Problem with Agency as a Complex Autonomous System"
→Comment: Marion Vorms, IHPST, Paris 1

15:40: Tea break

16:00: Robert N. Brandon, Duke University, "‘Evolution’ Reconsidered"
→Comment: Jonathan Birch, HPS, University of Cambridge

16:50: Concluding Remarks

17:00: Close

For more informations: A Science of Human Nature? Philosophical Disputes at the Interface of Natural and Social Science