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The Role(s) of Heredity in Biological Explanations

Time and Location

Lundi 31 mai 2010, Univ de Montréal, pavillon Claire-McNicoll, salle z-240


9:30-10:45  Jean Gayon (Philosophie, IHPST, Université Paris I) "Lamarckianism in Pastorian Studies of Lysogeny"
10:45-11:00 coffee break/pause café
11:00-12:15 Paul Thompson (Philosophy, and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, IHPST, University of Toronto) "From Culture to Genes: Accelerated Evolution"
12:15-14:00 Lunch/ déjeuner
14:00-15:15 Charles Goodnight (Biology, University of Vermont) "The inheritance of traits under multilevel selection"
15:15-15:30 coffee break/ pause café
15:30-17:00  Evelyn Fox Kelller (Science, Technology and Society, MIT) "Genes as Difference Makers"

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Centre interuniversitaire de recherche sur la science et la technologie (CIRST)
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Département de sciences biologiques (Université de Montréal)



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